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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  March 20, 2010 12:00am-12:35am EDT

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ify minutes gone here in the 2nd half. what a game greivis vasquez has played. one of his first threes. not there. mosley. with the rebound. the possession arrow is pointing to him. the nation's leading scorer is outstanding on defense. >> the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of captionmax, which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies and their respective agents and divisions, are not responsible for the accuracy, or completeness of any transcription, or for any errors completeness of any transcription, or for any errors in transcription. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> long rebound. >> mike: he's been quiet earlier in this 1st half. >> tim: lewis. right inside. that first step, mike is brutal. it's hard for maryland not to
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foul after that step. a great buster for lewis. >> mike: i say that about aubrey coleman. i think what is happening is he is letting kelvin lewis get into the flow offensively. he knows he will be able to get his shots. >> tim: ncaa march madness on demand streams every game from the ncaa championship online for free. we watched it yesterday. it was a lot of fun. they changed the face of college basketball for many in the business community. vasquez runs the curl. not there. gregory keeping it alive. and that one maybe an over back by sean coleman. >> mike: an interesting tweak by gary williams with bowie in the
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game. that will get vasquez off the ball. they will try to let him score a little bit more. >> tim: mcneil searching for adam brown but hasn't been able to find him. coleman. taking it inside. great defensive work. >> mike: in for the steal. >> vasquez. not this time. mcneil was 3 deep. got in late. back to washington. and the shot by dino gregory. >> mike: what a great long, release pass. he caused that break by himself. >> tim: the other sequence for houston, everything was about a beat late. that gave maryland the opportunity for the rejection and the easy bucket on the other end. williams hits the rebound.
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mosley. automatic against maurice mcneil. >> [buzzer]. >> tim: a tough break. >> mike: yes this is an automatic call. the referees have to make that. he had good position but just didn't have the balance. >> tim: adrian bowie back in. the inbounds pass. right to vasquez. >> mike: he missed the last few shots. he had a couple of drives that have gone awry and the wide open 3. >> tim: houston not as efficient in the 2nd half. they had zero in the first. after that quick burst. all great scorers get to the free throw line. against adrian bowie. his first. >> mike: you figure out you do the math. if he is scoring 8 points a game
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at the line and averaging 25, that means he only has to find 8 or 9 baskets in the course of the 40 minute game. >> tim: or the half. >> mike: that's not a lot when you break it down that way. >> tim: no, it's not. he is a complete player too. not often you think of a leading scorer, jumping and running and pulling up shots but he does it on both end of the floor. 1 of 2. the lead is 10. on the end line is nixon. jamon wilson a junior for the
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houston cougars. williams, gregory. greivis vasquez getting a breather. that was a tough shot. the put back opportunity. and the reach in foul called. >> mike: this half has been all maryland. they came out and up by 10 points. after that early tie, you are right. houston just seems a little half step out of sync. for maryland, everything is running exactly like they want it to. >> tim: houston has a field goal in 4 minutes. fortunate to only be down by 11. their style of play employed by
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both teams, you can cut into the deficit. maryland just as comfortable getting up and down the floor as houston might be. a big bucket like that and houston could get on a roll. >> mike: they are letting bowie guard him. that's a concern. coleman is able to elevate over the top of bowie and get shots whenever he wants. >> tim: the difference is inside on the offensive glass. a push by mcneil. the added strength and endurance of this maryland team has been on display in the second half. we continue from spokane. [ male announcer ] is winning a habit you can't seem to quit? is failure the one game you refuse to win? is handsomeness a burden your face has to live with... every day?
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i get planning tools, like wealth ruler. strategies. and investment ideas. and retirement experts, on the phone, when i need them. for a little help. or a lot. whether retirement is way off. or way close. time for fresh thinking. time for td ameritrade. >> april 8th through 11th. golf in its grandest glory. the masters from augusta national. 11:45 remaining here. marylanded hading by 9. jordan williams at the free throw line for the terps. he's been the constant throughout. >> mike: though question. he really established early. a double-double in that 1st half. he's been a little quiet scoring the ball here. 14 points and 14 rebounds.
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maybe a 20-20 in his near future. >> tim: he is only scratching the surface as well with regard to where he can go. i talked to the coaching staff. wants to absorb everything. he is a quick study. he has gotten better every week of the season. another big man from connecticut. >> mike: we appreciate who he is and where he can came from tom penders can as well. >> tim: brown the reversal. mcneil trying to keep it alive but williams hold itself down. and the foul. >> mike: i don't know if they ever made a play on the ball. >> tim: it was out of bounds when the contact occurred.
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>> mike: gregory hasn't been to the line a ton but 83% for him. >> tim: solid contributor dino gregory. knows his role. maybe that's what gary williams is so satisfied coaching this team and having so much fun doing it. they seem to know their control. >> mike: james padgett hasn't got a lot of time as the season went along. gegry got a lot of his minutes off the bench up front. >> tim: nixon. decides to launch and buries it. >> mike: not many easy points for houston. they relied on the jumpshot. >> tim: coleman and lewis have 16 ask the rest of the team zero until nixon hit that one.
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back door. beautifully done hayes. an outstanding class to cliff tucker. >> mike: off the cut and the flex cut. >> tim: coleman end to end and gets the contact. just a look inside. >> mike: it was set up by the pick off to jordan williams. if he doesn't get that in. look at the screen and the little brush. williams right behindim. plenty of options on the offense. >> tim: the 3rd foul on davis. -- the 3rd on greivis vasquez. those 2 big misses at the free throw line don't help. 6 missed free throws by aubrey coleman tonight. 7 out of 13. vasquez got his man airborne. good recovery by coleman. >> mike: he surprised williams.
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williams thought he was going up with the shot. >> tim: a great defensive play by tucker. aubrey coleman did not see him. vasquez to williams. fouled by adam brown. >> mike: this is not always the best idea world to save it under the other team's basket. but cliff tucker makes a nice play. checks where he is. a blind pass back and it ignites the break. >> fourth foul committed by adam brown on the other end by jordan williams gets it out. desmond wade will come in for it. you think about houston. we look back at a great era. they have not won an ncaa tournament game since 1984.
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what is would mean to this program if they win a game in the mact in fact. a long rebound. -- in the ncaa tournament. a long rebound. a foul over the back. today >> mike: right now maryland is playing with more energy. the miss on the layup right. there they are getting a ton of run outs. houston looks a step slow. you oner if the 4 games in 4 nights is catching up with them. >> tim: they had plenty of time. we talked to tom penders about that. the other thing about the conference usa tournament they played in such a short span of time. one game to the next. 16 games between them. this march fill out your census form and mail it back. trying to cut it to 10. they played the semi finals game that night and got back to their hotel around 9 o'clock and
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suited up for an 11:30 tip to get rolling against oklahoma. >> mike: that's the nature of the conference tournament. when you are know a higher seed you don't get the benefit of rest. >> tim: that's right. 19 and 16 now for jordan williams. >> [crowd noise]. >> tim: cut off by the pass by vasquez. wilson. the coach's son may still have should go left in his tank. >> mike: this is a point in the game where you can't trade baskets. >> tim: 17 in this half. lewis. not there. williams trying to bring it up and the tap out by mcneil is
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recovered by vasquez. off the ball. the foul will go against desmond wade trying to keep up with greivis vasquez. >> mike: the idea by tom penders at the beginning of the game was to harass vasquez and tire him out. he is still playing with a lot of energy. >> tim: he is. you get the feeling that greivis vasquez through the course of the game has been pacing himself a little bit. my legs are still fresh because i have been making sure everybody else is involved. >> mike: this is the thing with seniors in the ncaa tournament. the end comes quickly. you never know when it will happen. the sense of urgency is always there. >> tim: kendrick washington coming back into the game. replacing mcneil. he has the girth one would thing to do a better job against jordan williams and maurice mcneil.
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the foul inside. >> mike: the problem with him is stamina. i think he will be in much better shape next year without the surgery. he will come in, in condition. i would anticipate jordan williams trying to run him up and down the floor. >> [crowd noise]. >> tim: nixon has it rejected again. run down by tucker. maryland's superior size and strength inside a factor. the run out for nixon. vasquez. >> mike: we talked about it. >> tim: wow, another steal and turving commits the foul. mike, this is text book houston. that's a scramble situation. maryland not sure what defense they are looking at and tucker looks up and hayes doesn't see him. >> mike: he doesn't want to handle the ball. he was trying to get to it to
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hayes. and everybody was walking around with their up in the area right flow for maryland. they are trying to not have vasquez do it. >> tim: after a made basket by houston, they are anticipating pressure. it's not always there. >> mike: there could be very well be a tied game if houston was hitting their free throws. >> tim: that looked like a tired shot, didn't it? zamal nixon. a strong stretch of play early this seen and had mono, in february and lost 15 pounds and got himself healthy in the nick of time. had a big game in the finals. hayes working against it.
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hayes works over and mosley with the put back. aubrey coleman numbers. vasquez the only player back. coleman. able to get it to go. great defensive work by vasquez. >> mike: he stayed down and held his ground. just has the height advantage over coleman made it a tough shot. >> tim: an opportunity for houston. now those 50-50 balls going to maryland. >> [crowd noise]. >> tim: mosley gives it to
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williams. jorn jordan williams every time he gets it. he isive and into the scoring -- he isive -- effective and into the scoring column. >> mike: he came to a jumpshot and that allowed him to make the play. >> jimmy: -- >> tim: zamal nixon off the front iron. vasquez looking deep and he is fouled. that goes against aubrey coleman. maryland's strength and power are beginning to show up in the late stages. t's good. woooo ! he did it ! he did it ! yes ! yeah ! wooo ! they won the game ! alllright ! woo ! yeah ! is it the best seat in the house ? yes ! yes baby, yeaaaah ! every ncaa march madness game... come on, come on.
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♪ >> tim: as you take a look at our game summary. when maryland plays in college park, they have the wall where the fans are. it seems as though their front line in jordan williams has been the wall in this game for houston to deal with. >> mike: you look at houston on the season. they get outrebounded by almost 8 per game. that's not a real strength anyway. jordan williams and landon milbourne have been terrific inside. they have combined for 35 point and rebounds. >> tim: just a really outstanding all floor game for
12:24 am
greivis vasquez. you wake up tomorrow morning and look at the box score and say pedestrian numbers, but he has really kept everyone in involved. >> mike: 12 point and 6 assists and 6 rebounds right now. approaching a triple double. he would have to go some but not inconsequential quential no. >> tim: that foul committed by sean mosley. that's his fourth. coleman has only taken 4 shots in this half. signs of fatigue have been. particularly at the free throw line. there is kelvin lewis. the problems at the line continue. maryland has opened up their largest lead. it's a 13. in a game like this houston can score so quickly and downtown. this is still very much in doubt. and kelvin lewis the second leading scorer got that free
12:25 am
throw to go. they struggled at the free throw line. this game would be very close were it not the issue of free throw shooting for houston. >> mike: if you are gary williams you have to keep your team focused. >> williams defended by washington. with the arrow to houston. kendrick washington is a difference maker dealing with jordan williams when he is on the floor. >> mike: keep him away from the basket. a nice job leading him underneath the basket that caused that jump. >> tim: washington had 2 broken legs and only now rounding him into game shape. adam brown hits the 42 footer at the end of the 1st half. >> mike: just like that. houston refusing to go away. gary williams not happy with the defense on that play. >> tim: houston one of those teams, they seem to improve on
12:26 am
the defensiven of the floor when they make baskets. vasquez to the rack. >> mike: the basic give and go. vasquez has the size to score over most guards he plays against. >> tim: they are asking for a clearout. they want it to get it into the hand of lewis going to the rack. he is fouled. >> mike: spread, draw and deliver. >> tim: kelvin lewis back to the free throw line. kelvin lewis is the son of a coach. the assistant coach on the staff of tom penders. there is kevin. an outstanding player in his own right in arizona.
12:27 am
excuse me for smu, i beg your pardon. it's a family affair for the lewis family. 78-69. >> tim: those misses at the stripe could be big more houston at game's end. >> mike: now the evidence of jordan williams. now milbourne becomes your primary option doubt low. he did not realize how wide open he was. >> tim: no. he has 16. an errant pass thrown by coleman. maryland get its back. >> [crowd noise]. >> tim: houston with 6 turnovers all in this half.
12:28 am
down by only 2 at the break. tied it up early in the second half. sesh -- 7 for 7 to open this game. 7 trips and 7 field goals in the 2nd half. they have not looked back. milbourne with time to shoot and 1. a timeout. 3:57. get ready. you might be partying tonight. ♪ ( pop, fizzing ) ♪
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>> tim: what a 2nd half, mike gminski. >> mike: they got tied but did everything so well in the second half. adrian bowie. good often the defensive end as well. dino gregory with the blocked shot and turving -- tucker executed so well and controled the tempo of this game. >> and holding the nation's leading scorer scoreless in the last 8:09. only 2 field goals for aubrey coleman. >> mike: it's not different bodies not just greivis vasquez. >> tim: zamal nixon pulls up and sticks it. 83-71. >> mike: he has given them a nice lift off the bench. the 3rd scoring option. >> tim: this end of the floor, what to do with the inside strength.
12:32 am
jordan howell is sitting. -- jordan williams is sitting. that means dino gregory can come inside as well as out. hayes. >> mike: that's a perfect possession really. >> tim: vasquez commits the foul. >> mike: gary williams squeezing his temple and saying request are you fouling and stopping the clock and putting them on the line and all of the other bad things that can happen. in that last possession, 30 seconds ran off the clock and they got a basket. exactly what you want to do at that time. >> tim: that's been the difference in this game. the strength inside for maryland. and from the defensive standpoint to put the clamps on aubrey coleman in the second half. >> mike: we talk to tom penders yesterday. maryland such a rhythm team with the flex offense. they wanted to disrupt and they have not been able to do that.
12:33 am
>> tim: yes. this appearance in the ncaa tournament should go a long way in houston. once a mecca of college basketball is in need of an overhaul. this appearance in the tournament puts houston back on the map. he feels confidence the new leadership, the fund raising is underway to make houston matter again in college basketball. that despite earlier reports about what the administration felt of him. milbourne know able to get that one to go. -- not able to get that one to go. lewis has it knocked away. it will be houston's basketball. >> mike: a lot like bobby cremins. you never know when it's over. >> tim: no.
12:34 am
he's as fresh as he's ever been. keeping young. greivis vasquez sits down. inside lewis. kelvin lewis. >> mike: he had no room to get that one up. >> it's late but don't go to sleep. it could get good here in spokane. >> tim:


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